How to Survive Outdoors Using a Big Bandana.

January 25, 2017 by Jonathan Davis - No Comments

When it comes to preparing for a camping trip, a hike or even a drive into the countryside, many times people make the mistake of buying expensive survival and emergency gear in case fate results in an unfortunate survival situation. Not only is this prepping approach expensive but it is often unnecessary. The truth is, when it comes to surviving a difficult situation it’s not the expensive equipment that’s going to keep you safe and alive; it’s your knowledge, training and ingenuity that will be most important along with a simple item that is essential for survival.

In the spirit of survival and clever thinking, we are going to look at how a little $5 prep item can have dozens of survival applications.

So what is the simple item that’s essential for survival preparation? Drum roll please… it’s a bandanna or even better The Big Bandana™ (BB). The BB is a very handy survival item. They’re cheap but high quality (approximately $5 a piece); they take up very little room in your bag, and they have multiple real-world survival uses. When you are ready to look for any piece of gear for your camping survival bag, a multi-use item, such as The Big Bandana™, should always rank at the top of your list.

For any outdoor person or sports enthusiast, this large simple piece of cloth has many uses. So why is The Big Bandana™ such a great survival item? The following are a few reasons to add one to your emergency bags:

It helps keep you warm – In a pinch, The Big Bandana™ can be used as an emergency hat or neck wrap, helping to provide extra warmth during a cold weather emergency.
It can help keep you cool –
During a hot weather emergency, The Big Bandana™ when soaked in cool water can be used to keep your forehead and hair cool and prevent serious problems like heat stroke. It can also be wrapped around the neck, helping to cool the blood pumping through your carotid arteries.
It absorbs sweat –
When hiking in a hot desert, The Big Bandana™ can absorb the sweat before it drips down into the eyes.
It makes a great Emergency Mask –
While not as effective as something like a dust construction respirator mask, The Big Bandana™ can be used and a makeshift breathing mask. In windy areas with lots of dust or sand, it can be used to protect your lungs and eyes.
It protects you from the sun –
Tucking The Big Bandana™ into the back of a baseball cap or cowboy hat is a great way to protect the back of your head and neck from painful sunburn. Soaking it in cool water first is a great way to stay cool while hiking on a bright sunny day.
It can signal for help –
A bright red BB can be tied to a stick and used as a signal flag.
Use for cleaning –
The Big Bandana™ can be used as a rag for cleaning.
Use as an emergency bandage –
The Big Bandana™ can be used to cover an open wound, it can be ripped into smaller Band-Aid pieces, and even used to secure a sprained ankle or wrist.
It can be used to make a cord or rope –
In a pinch, The Big Bandana™ is large enough to be ripped apart and tied in segments as cordage or a make-shift rope.
It can be used to start a fire –
When ripped into small squares, The Big Bandana™ cooton cloth can be easily made into a charred cloth – which is an excellent fire starter.
For making Torches –
When wrapped around a stick, and covered in something like petroleum jelly, bandanas can be used to make the top of a torch.
Great for constructing a make-shift weapon –
Wrap a decent size rock into the middle of The Big Bandana™, and you have yourself a make-shift weapon to defend against an animal or human attack.
Great for filtering water –
The Big Bandana™ can be used to filter debris out of water, basically it helps as a first stage filter.
Great to mark trails –
The Big Bandana™ can be used to help find your way back to a campsite when exploring an unknown or confusing trail.
Great for making a Hobo Bag or Stick Bag –
Tied together at the corners, The Big Bandana™ has plenty of size and thickness to carry many small objects.
Perfect Potholder –
The Big Bandana™ has a thicker cloth which is great for grabbing a hot pot or pan at a campfire.