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Red – Big Bandana

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The Big Bandana is a based on the classic bandana except that is BIGGER, THICKER and has MORE USES than a standard bandana. The Big Bandana is a versatile accessory with unlimited uses for many different lifestyle situations.

  • Approx. Size: 27″ x 27″
  • Quantity: 1 Bandana
  • Color: Red with Paisley


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A versatile RED bandana with a unique paisley medallion print. The Big Bandana has a lightweight woven cotton for a classic feel. Exclusively made and sold as The Big Bandana or BB.

Paisley, with its swirls of different patterns and distinctive design, was made for the bandanna. Bandanas throughout fashion history have been an icon of style and casual living. Bandanas are perfect for those days when your in a hurry and need to wear something stylish yet casual or days when you want that certain look that says I’m an independent person or even those days when you need an accessory that has multiple uses for different situations. The Big Bananda is great outer wear accessory for men, women, kids and even pets. Wear your Big Bandana today and enjoy the style! Wear it on the head or around the neck or any way you like.

Bandana Features:

    • Approximately twice the size of a regular bandana – 27″ vs 21″.
    • Multi-purpose usage.
    • Fade resistant material.
    • Multiple colors and patterns offered.

The Big Bandana Quality

These red cotton bandanas are machine washable for easy care and come in other assorted colors and patterns (sold separately). A rare find is a bandana made with a bigger size such as The Big Bandana! We decided that the standard paisley kerchiefs, a fashion symbol of the West, was simply not big enough or versatile enough to help a person utilize it’s fashion potential! So we decided to make our bandana longer which makes it more useful. As a result, The Big Bandana is a favorite must-have item for all types of people such as bikers or any other outdoor sports enthusiasts. The Big Bandana scarf is a convenient tool for a hot day for a rider to wipe off sweat or cover a mouth from traffic fumes. It’s also great for a hiker to protect the skin from the sun, keep the neck cool, prevent inhalation of dust, and wrap wounds if needed should an unexpected accident occur. We’re confident to say there are many more uses for these classic large bandana scarves!

The Big Bandana is high quality and designed for a longer life and more absorbency! Only The Big Bandana features a THICKER fabric at 34 S Gauge compared to a Standard Bandana with a 30 S Gauge fabric thickness. Made of 100% cotton fabric, The Big Bandana is not just thick it’s also super soft for comfort. The quality cotton fabric allows the cloth to breathe, absorb and ensure that the bandana is comfortable against any skin type.

Made with triple stitch for durability and featuring our original paisley design with maximum coverage. Our bandana brand is ideal to keep your lifestyle active.

  • Superb quality material and thickness – 34 S Gauge Thread.
  • Fade resistant material.
  • 100% Cotton.

Additional information

Dimensions 27 × 27 × 26 in


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